* hand-built in England
* all metal construction
* highest quality close-tolerance components
* maximum sonic integrity
* all analogue circuitry
* battery or power supply operation
* incorporate the best of vintage and new technology
* be the bridesmaid at the marriage of art and science
* boldly go where all (well almost all) men have been before
Lovetone fx
* are extremely versatile with highly interactive controls
* carry echoes of many legendary sounds but transcend accepted norms to open up cosmic new!
* combine the personality and character of vintage technology with pro audio quality, reliability and virtually noiseless performance - the idea that funky means old, noisy and unreliable is hopefully a thing of the past (ha,ha)
* have inspired true love & devotion from many of the world's top musicians, bands, producers, engineers and remixers as well as bedroom stars of the future
* transcend musical genres (as used by funkers, rockers, bluesers, jazzers, metalheads, indie-ans, pop tarts, rappers, dub-liners, techno-crats, space cadets and experimental mayhem merchants
* suit all manner of signal processing applications from the not-so-humble stomp box to outboard studio use
* combine effectively as one versatile unit
* interface powerfully with existing (modern and vintage) equipment
* will see to any sound with the temerity to be naff

© Lovetone 2000